What do you get?

Our clients tell us we get them real results.

You will save time in preparation and gain more impact, whether as a leader or as part of a team. Our advice and techniques will challenge you but are surprisingly straightforward to implement.

A key measure of the success of our advice and approach is that our client relationships grow and last for years; we will let some of our clients’ comments speak for themselves, and allow you to make a decision for yourself.

Because every client is different, we tailor our offerings to each specific requirement. It’s really up to you. Many clients want one-on-one work because it gives them the best result for their time invested, and of course, this way, we can focus in on the really important and relevant live issues that are happening in your business environment right now.

Other clients prefer group sessions because it gives them the best results for their money invested, and it can be an excellent way of building team rapport while learning new skills. It also opens up many more possibilities for role playing.

As you can see from a selection of testimonials opposite, our clients value what we deliver, and measure it in tangible results.

Being better prepared really can make the difference between winning and losing a deal.

“That we have won so many mandates is in part down to the hard work that Swordpoint has put in with us.”

Chairman, UK Investment Bank

“I gave a presentation this afternoon to the tech.ops community and I received excellent feedback. People said the presentation exceeded their expectations.”

Senior Executive, Swiss Pharmaceutical Group

“Your services and expertise are not only great value for me personally; they are also of immense value for the business, because they help deliver our services in a professional way, constantly building on our people power!”

Senior Executive, Swiss Financial Institution

“Swordpoint’s approach is the only one that really stands a chance of helping me.”

Senior Executive, US Manufacturing Company

“I particularly appreciate that Swordpoint seem to be very close to what reality looks like for us on the job.”

Senior Banker, Japanese Bank

Leading Edge Communication from experienced professionals

Swordpoint discreetly advises many of the world's leading executives and businesses, to help them communicate their messages better, to achieve more and to win more business.

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