“The best companies and industry leaders around the world choose Swordpoint.”

What can we do for you ?

Winning Transactions

When you have a high-value transaction like an IPO, fund-raising or selling a business, don’t leave anything to chance.

Executive Development

On a one-to-one basis or with teams of all sizes, we can bring out the best in you and your people.

Corporate Communications

Whether the announcement is good or not, you need to take control of how it is presented, with the right vision for the future.

Media Excellence

With the the right knowledge, preparation and reherarsal, your performance will amplify your message.

We often find that clients come to us through recommendation from their banks and brokers, as well as through private equity and PR companies when they have specific deals that must go well. Have a look at some of the things our clients have said.

“That we have won so many mandates is in part down to the hard work that Swordpoint has put in with us.”

Chairman, UK Investment Bank

“Swordpoint’s approach is the only one that really stands a chance of helping me.”

Senior Executive, US Manufacturing Company

Leading Edge Communication from experienced professionals

Swordpoint discreetly advises many of the world’s leading executives and businesses, to help them communicate their messages better, to achieve more and to win more business.

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