What do we do?

We enhance and support your communication skills.

We are experts on Corporate Transactions & Negotiations, Media Appearances, Presentations, Pitches, Investor Relations, Roadshows and other Corporate Events, as well as Coaching, Mentoring and Talent Management.

Winning Transactions

With high-value strategic goals like an IPO, fund-raising, or selling a business, there are often no prizes for coming second. So it makes sense to plan and invest for success.We work closely with your team to maximise the effectiveness of your communications and negotiations, so that you may achieve your goals and maximise price or asset targets.If your competitors are using sophisticated tactics and your clients have seen it all, then you may need to up your game.

Executive Development

Whether you call it mentoring, talent management, coaching or training, we all know that leadership skills and teamwork benefit from practice and constructive feedback loops.

But more importantly, on-going professional development can make under-performing staff excel, and excellent staff stay.

We are all unique, but we can still benefit from tried and tested ideas to make changes that work for us.

Corporate Communications

How do you inspire and motivate stakeholders?

We help you achieve your corporate objectives in good or bad weather, with a communications architecture and delivery that encompasses verbal, written and interactive channels.

Your company results, investor presentations and pitches will transform the way you are received, and can reduce the burden of unscheduled ad-hoc demands.


Media Excellence

Success with the Media is not just about getting through it and stating your key messages. It’s about demystifying journalists’ needs, preparing for the unexpected, and above all doing such a good job that you get invited back.

Our professionals have the experience and perspective to make the most of your natural style. You will find that with the right preparation and rehearsal, you are ready for anything, with an easy, conversational style that the audience loves.

Leading Edge Communication from experienced professionals

Swordpoint discreetly advises many of the world's leading executives and businesses, to help them communicate their messages better, to achieve more and to win more business.

Please get in touch if we can be of assistance.